Spicy red curry with duck

My husband loves spicy food so I am going to make him a hot red duck curry today. If you cannot take the heat, you can moderate on some of the spicy ingredients below.

Fresh duck                   2.8 kg
Vegetable oil               120 ml
Red curry paste        90 gram
Kaffir lime leaves     5 gram
Kaffir lime juice        2 pieces
Palm sugar               60 gram
Fish sauce                 3 teaspoons
Chilli padi                  5 pieces (you can replace with normal chilli for a not so spicy version)
Coconut cream          120 ml
Tamarind pulp          250 gram




1. First, pour the oil into a stock pot and gently heat it up.

2. Put in the red curry paste and fry it along with kaffir lime leaves to bring out the strong favors

3. Then add in the duck, followed by the kaffir lime juice and the chilli padi. You need to let it simmer over low heat until the duck heat is cooked.

4. Once the duck meat is cooked, add in the palm sugar and fish sauce. Maintain the same heat until you see the palm sugar dissolving and caramelizing.

5. Finally add in the tamarind juice and coconut and let it sit for another 15 minutes.

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