Steamed pork patties with salted egg recipe

This chinese recipe is very easy to follow, everyone can cook this!

Minced pork        300 gram
Raw salted egg   1
Potato starch       2 tablespoon

Salt                       1/4 tablespoon
Wine                     1 tablespoon
Dark soy sauce    1/2 tablespoon
Pepper                 1/2 tablespoon
Sugar                   1/4 tablespoon

1. Chop minced pork, stir well with salt and water in one direction until sticky.

2. Add remaining seasonings and salted egg white, mix well. Add potato starch and stir well. Slap the meat down on the bowl several times, place meat mixture on a greased steaming plate. Cut salted egg yolk into halves, place on the meat mixture.

3. Bring water in the steamer to a boil. Steam pork patties over high heat for abut 15 minutes.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time      : 15 minutes

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