Steamed egg tofu recipe

This is a healthy tofu recipe and it is very easy to prepare.

Silken tofu        300 gram
Minced meat    50 gram
Egg                   2
Stock                400 milliltre

Light soy sauce    1 tablespoon
Pepper                 1/2 tablespoon

1. Cut silken tofu into small cubes, blanch and pat dry.

2. Beat 2 eggs in a big bowl.

3. Add minced meat and seasonings to mix well.

4. Pour in stock slowly. Put tofu into the bowl and mix well.

5. Cover bowl with aluminium foil, make sure that the shiny side of the aluminium foil is facing up.  This is to prevent condensed water droplets causing holes in the steamed tofu egg.

6. Bring water in the steamer to a boil and steam tofu egg over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Preparation time   : 5 minutes
Cooking time        : 10 minutes

This a healthy chinese food that is very easy to prepare! If you are into healthy dishes recipe, you might want to try steamed tofu with mushrooms and chinese ham and century egg tofu.

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