Huai Shan and chicken soup recipe

Last week I tried this chicken soup in one chinese restaurant, it is post is about chicken soup recipe.

Chicken                      1/2
Bamboo pit                 6
Chinese mushroom    6
Sliced ginger              4

Wine   2 tablespoon
Salt     1/2 tablespoon

1. Wash chicken and chop into pieces, blanch them.

2. Put black fungus in water until soft. Cut into small pieces.

3. Put chinese mushrooms in hot water until soft.

4. Cut Huai Shan into slices.

5. Add 8 cups of water and chicken, bring to boil. Add black fungus, chinese mushrooms, ginger slices and wine. Cook at low heat until the chicken get soft.

6. Add salt to serve.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time      : 30 minutes

This chinese soup is very nutricious, go cook for your family!

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