Steamed pork with prawn paste recipe

This chinese recipe teaches you how to steam pork with prawn paste, try this if you like strong flavour dish.

Pork belly   300 gram
Ginger        4 slices
Chilli           1
Garlic         2

Prawn paste       1 tablespoon
Dark soy sauce  1/2 tablespoon
Sugar                 1 tablespoon
Potato starch      1 tablespoon

1. Rinse pork belly and cut into strips.

2.  Mix well with Marinade. Set aside for 15 minutes.

3. Cut ginger into slices.

4. Cut chilli into slices.

5. Chop garlic.

6. Add ginger, chilli and garlic and place on a steaming plate.

7. Bring water in the steamer to a boil. Steam pork over high heat for 15 minutes.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Marinade time    : 10 minutes
Cooking time       : 15 minutes

You can also use pork neck for this chinese dish as it is tender with the right amount of fats. If the meat is too lean, the texture will be very tough; if it has too much fats, it will be very oily. You can also add squid to this chinese dish as it complements the pork well.

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