Steamed stuffed bitter gourd recipe

This is another healthy chinese dish for you to try out!

Bitter gourd                           1
Minced meat                         300 gram
Carrot                                    1
Dried shrimp                         30 gram
Dried chinese mushroom      3
Egg                                       1

Dark soy sauce     1 tablespoon
Salt                       A little
Potato starch        1 tablespoon
Pepper                 1 tablespoon
Hua diao wine      1 tablespoon
Water                   1 tablespoon

1. Rinse bitter gourd and cut into 2cm thick round pieces. Dig out the seeds. If you do not like bitterness,  remove the white membrane, this will help to reduce the bitterness.

2. Soak dried shrimp in water until soft.

3. Soak dried chinese mushrooms in water.

4. Remove stem and cut dried chinese mushrooms into dices.

5. Rinse carrot and cut it into dices.

6. Mixed minced meat with dried shrimps, dried chinese mushrooms , carrot, egg and seasonings. Mixed well in one direction until mixture is sticky.

7. Dust some patato starch on the insides of the bitter gourd rings.

8. Stuff bitter gourd rings with meat mixture. Coat them smooth and place on a plate.

9. Bring water in the steamer to a boil. Steam stuffed bitter gourd over high heat for 25 minutes.

9. Drizzle some sesame oil to serve.

10. You can also try this easy chinese recipe on chilli. Rinse chilli, cut and remove seeds.

11. Stuff meat in chilli.

12. Or in dried chinese mushrooms!

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time      : 25 minutes

If you like this easy chinese recipe, you can also replace bitter gourd with winter melon, white radish or gourd melon!

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